Ciele is a pop singer-songwriter who toes the line between electronic production and stripped-down acoustic vibes. While currently based in Vancouver, Ciele is a child of the whole country, growing up in cities all across Canada. With a thirst to share her stories, her joys, and her pains, her music connects her to the most vulnerable and honest version of herself, and she hopes that it resonates with others along the way. She hopes the loyal fan base she has developed on Youtube (her older youtube channel, posting as “chelsealynemusic,” has almost 1,000, 000 views) will join her as her new music marks her transition into Ciele.

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“I write music for myself mostly.
Meaning – when I’m going through something and there isn’t a song out there that specifically speaks to the emotion I’m feeling, or how I’m feeling it, then I write it for myself. Record a little demo to listen to as I work through the emotion, and thats that. For the longest time I’ve been writing for myself, and not sharing any of it. I’m ready to share now.
Who knows, maybe a song I release will resonate with someone who is also looking for that perfect song to connect to.
That’s the goal, really. To connect people. Connecting them through pain, joy, experience. Through their hearts. Its about connecting real people with their real life experiences in a way that makes them feel they aren’t alone.

We’re all together in this life.”

- Ciele